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Full Version: Venting about Negative Nellies
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Lately I’ve not much patience with people who think negative ALL the time. I need to vent about Negative Nellies in the world.  Recently I found myself having to use a laundromat. Not too bad a thing because I have only 1 or 2 loads a week.

1. On the first visit to the laundromat I had small talk with a woman I labeled a Negative Nellie. Then I felt bad about labeling her and thought maybe she is just having a rough day.  

2. Second visit, Nellie was not there. One woman told me all about her OCD. That helped pass the time, she was not negative.

3. Third visit, Nellie was there and she made negative comments about something, so I decided to call her negative Nellie and not feel bad about it.

4. Yesterday Nellie was there. I am going to try and avoid her. I put my clothes to wash and then left to run errands. The washer I used has a locking door that can’t be opened until its finished washing, so I don’t need to be concerned about anyone taking the clothes out. When I get back I see there is 2 minutes left to wash. There is a woman standing in front of the washer next to mine and I make a comment about being happy I made it back just in time. The woman said, yes mine is almost finished too. I then said, I like these washers because they lock and you can leave without being concerned about your clothes. The woman smiled and said, yes that’s what I like about them too.  

Negative Nellie was sitting near myself and the nice lady.  Well, I guess our smiling and nice chit chat was too much for Negative Nellie to handle.   She chimed in, “well it can be unlocked if you know the trick on how to do it”.  I just about lost my religion. I said in an slightly elevated tone, with a smile on my face, “Oh is that right? Now why don’t you educate us all on how to open these doors so someone can steal our clothes”.  Nellie stammered saying, “uh well uh, if you unplug the washer you can open the door”.  I smiled almost laughing, looked at her then looked at the washer and said, “hum looks like these washers are bolted down and I see no visible signs of an electrical cord, so I seriously doubt that while I am gone, someone is going to take off the bolts, move the heavy washer and unplug it just to get at my clothes.  The nice woman I was talking with is smiling with me at this point.  I walk over to the dryer to load my wet clothes and hear Negative Nellie say in a low voice to the nice woman, “well it could happen”. I thought, OMG how can this woman be sooooo negative.

There are multiple good reasons that I could be a Negative Nellie. I have the occasional pity party and move on with life trying to be positive. I prayed that the Good Lord whack me upside my head if I’m ever turning into a Negative Nellie.  Big Grin

Wow. I used to work with someone like that. Would hold me hostage to her conversations until I stood up for myself.

But I am willing to bet that Negative Nellies in general have more negative things happen to them than normal. Why? They bring it on. Unfortunately it just serves to justify their negative thoughts. That is, until they wake up!

Keep up the positivity Cassandra!!! Great job!
"Hold you hostage" is right and is a trait of a Negative Nellie. And they do it because they have a need to change people to be like they are so they won't be alone in their negative world. Yes, and they do draw it to themselves. I am sometimes have a NN with me in my car. And I swear, each time they are in my car, we narrowly miss being hit by a another car.

Seems like the older I get the more vocal I am about the negative behavior I see out in the world.   Big Grin