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Full Version: Dream about Ex-husbands family, 2.6.18
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Had a dream last night 2/6/18 about my ex-husbands family. They looked the way I knew them in the 1990’s when we were married. In the dream my ex’s current wife was with them.  I am confused as to why she is here.  I don’t think much about it and start talking with one of his brothers.  His brother wanted the kids to go somewhere and I offered to take them. We walk outside to a car and 3 of the children get in the back seat. I tell him we’ll be back soon. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: I woke up irritated and generally pissed about this dream. I miss the ex’s family sometimes and it makes me sad to see them in dreams. This morning I prayed for them all in case that is why I dreamed about them, that they need prayer. I went to FB and checked the FB page of one of his nephews that was in the dream. I found that my ex’s father passed away last Friday & the funeral is today. So now I know the “why” of the dream. And this morning I was wondering why I've been feeling so "connected" to a higher realm/dimension, what I call Heaven. Just before I found out about his passing on, I was listening to a spiritual song with my eyes closed. I saw what looked like an altar with white marble top & gold bottom with designs in it. There was a large urn on the side of the altar with incense burning. In the background I see white marble columns and white light behind the columns.

I think a piece of this puzzle has to do with his mother. I was alone with my ex’s mother when she passed on. That was an experience I’ll never forget.

My question to all you talented people here on NDC, why am I still connected on a Spiritual level to the family? Even though some of the family, like the nephews, I still think fondly of, I rarely think about them. It’s not that I mind praying for people, it’s just that when I see certain people in dreams, it brings back too many memories of what I lost.
I am not sure but my first thought is love.
Love on a spiritual level. In the end, it is really all about love. So, perhaps, love is was is connecting you to them and them in the afterlife to you. It doesn't negate the loss.
You are very kind and caring to pray for the family, not knowing what might be happening. That is an act of love too.
Thank you TB, I was thinking the same thing. My ex and I divorced because we made stupid choices. There was never any question about not loving each other. And I loved his family too.
Marriage is not just about uniting two people, but uniting two families. This can be felt really strongly at some weddings. Where the two families really hit it off. Must have been true for your marriage. Maybe you can FB one or two people in his family even now?
Thank you Maat. I'm on FB with two of his nephews, so I am thankful for that. I reconnected with them a couple of years ago. They don't post much, but it's nice to see them all grown up with their own families. One of them still calls me Tia, so that makes my heart happy.

(02-06-2018, 04:12 PM)Maat Wrote: [ -> ]Marriage is not just about uniting two people, but uniting two families.  This can be felt really strongly at some weddings.  Where the two families really hit it off.  Must have been true for your marriage.  Maybe you can FB one or two people in his family even now?