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Full Version: Volcano Dream 2-13-18
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I was on what I believe was likely an island, though there is some question on that. The island was earthy/rocky and had some tropical elements, though not a jungle and not overly lush. I was near water. I was dressed in clothes of a long ago period, a long layered dress which fell to the floor. The buildings I could see were either build inside caves or adjacent to caves and there were intricate underground structures which were earthy. Stone floors and walls.

I believe I was not originally from this location but was either visiting for quite some to or currently lived there. Many people spoke a different language from myself, though many also spoke my language. I had blonde hair, most others had brown colored hair.The person I loved lived here. He was respected among the people

There was much discussion about a volcano which was about to erupt. It was currently giving off small blasts for steam and molten rock but a major explosion was expected at any moment. We all needed to evacuate but how and where to was the question. In one direction stood the volcano and in the other a water source which was believed on the brink of flood which would be caused either by sudden melting snow or a breach caused by the volcano somehow.

My “love" went with a small group of men to discuss/scout a possible way out. I kissed him goodby for what I thought was likely the last time.

I told everyone left to go to one particular area to take shelter while I ran back into the underground area to gather some some things. It was a challenge but I finally made it to my room. I knew it didn’t matter what I took as I would likely be dead soon anyway. I saw my real life husband's checkbook on a desk , almost took it but thought it would be of no help. As I was leaving, mostly empty handed, a man came up to me and told me I was needed. We hurried to a different location in the dwelling where a young woman was in labor and nearly ready to give birth. I thought " this is like a “B Movie”. I was not going to stay there and get trapped so I told the man with me to help gather her up and we would carry her to the other location where everyone was gathered. The flood was on it’s way and we needed to beat it. I thought we were all likely going to die, but thought if some other plan was actually going to work, we needed be ready.

End Of Dream

I was moving and thinking quickly but not panicked. I was prepared to die but not completely out of hope.
I need to pay attention to the news for a major volcano eruption happening in the near future. I have not looked at the news as of yet today.
Very interesting dream TB. I like the part about your being ready for what was to happen. Do you remember if the clothes look like modern day styles?
The dress was of many centuries ago. Perhaps medieval but without aprons or head piece location. All blue. More like finer peasant wear. Part of me is thinking Mediterranean, Italy.
Seeing it as I read your description. Educated upper middle class, timeline either BC or another dimension. Atlantis comes to mind also.

(02-14-2018, 02:41 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]The dress was of many centuries ago.  Perhaps medieval but without  aprons or head piece location.  All blue.  More like finer peasant wear.  Part of me is thinking Mediterranean, Italy.
I have had a dream about a big time tsunami in the mediterrean that goes over houses and moderately tall buildings. There are several volcanoes that could do it in the surrounding area one on the island of Santorini.
Not sure if this was what I was picking up on.
Very large eruption in Sumatra.

(02-19-2018, 07:51 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if this was what I was picking up on.
Very large eruption in Sumatra.