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Full Version: A visit to the Obama White House 2-21-18
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I have been invited to spend the night at the White House.  
I am quietly excited as I arrive with my family.  President Obama and Michelle will be hosting us for a a causal but intimate dinner evening. I might be a journalist or a writer.  Probably a historical type writer or something similar.  We are being escorted to the room we will be staying in. The room is a "traditional" style with some colonial elements. It has a wooden bed and dresser and there is a mirror on the wall.  The walls have some wood features, and some rich colors, deep red and some green. Some of us are talking while entering the room, the president has not yet spoken to us directly.  He makes eye contact with me while the others are speaking.   We have not formally met before, but I have been present other places with him and he has recognized me in those places.  HIs stare is serious, the type he has given when addressing a concerning matter to the public.  Michelle is friendly.  I am very aware of the secret service in the room and know there is a heavy security presence in the White House. The President is now making some small talk, I do not remember what is being said. They leave us through a second door to get settled and they go about their day.  It is late afternoon and we settle in.
It is now the next morning.  I know we had a nice quiet dinner but don’t know much more about how the evening went.but we have gotten to know each other a little bit. .  We are invited on a carriage ride which will take us around the grounds.  I  am not ready to go on the ride, there is still packing to do before leaving the White House.  I want to go with everyone.  I want to have this experience with the First Family and my family.  But, I also can’t leave the room the way it is. This is a dilemma. I am aware of secrete service nearby, still.  As I finish packing, I find a small photo album we have made.  It is a gift and has a olive green organza ribbon wrapped around it.  It is either a gift from my daughter to the Obamas or has something to do with her. I am glad I didn’t forget it. I see the horse and carriage through the window.  They are back from their trip and I realize I could have gone with them. The packing could have waited.  I was missed but everyone is happy to see me and we will still have a bit of time to be together before leaving. I am grateful for that.

I don’t know why the president wanted to meet me but there was a purpose.  Things were weighing on him.  I think he was wondering if I was the person with which he should share some information or thoughts, perhaps for an article or book. I was there for a reason.  The mood was cordial, guarded from the President with more warmth from the First Lady.
 I also believe one of the messages I was given ( personally) was to balance what needs to be done and what can be enjoyable/fun.

Just adding that , yes, the carriage ride was with horses. Thanks to Cassandra's comment on my dream from yesterday, I realize horses were apart of both dreams. I was worried in this dream about not being with everyone on the carriage ride. Interesting. Hmmm,