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Full Version: Moving into a new house
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Carrying boxes into a new house. I know it's my new house, where I'm going to live, even though I've never been there before. I'm so happy to be in this house. It's fairly big, with multiple bedrooms, and the master bedroom has a wall of windows that looks out over a tree-covered slope and mountains in the distance. I sit on the floor and look out the window, thinking this will be my view every morning when I wake.

A woman comes in, carrying a box. Asks me where I want it. I tell her to put it in one of the other bedrooms. I don't know this woman and I get a vibe I don't trust her but if she's willing to carry boxes, I'm okay with that. The spouse comes in. He's not my RL spouse but I know we're married. He asks me if I like the house. Oh yes, I tell him. Very much. I glance around at all the boxes and comment that I don't want this house to be as cluttered as all the others I lived in ended up being. He laughs and tells me we'll have to work on that.

As I typed this out, got a strong vibe that this was a notice that this house is in my future. I hope so because it was everything I dream of in a house.
Sounds like a beautiful view from the house. Hope this one comes true for you.
May this house of your dreams become yours, soon.