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Full Version: Dolly Parton
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I am riding in a car with a family friend.  This friend passed away about a month ago.  She was a close friend to my mother.  As we drive onward,  this lady begins to morph into Dolly Parton.  (She did possess some characteristics that I would say were Dolly-like.) The car seemed dark inside and there seemed to be a thought from the past that was haunting Dolly. A slight uneasy feeling, a hint at something that needs to come to light. Notes:  I started not to post this one because it is a bit vague.  I decided to go ahead because it was sort of interesting.  I am a Dolly fan so I hope all is well there.
Doll has been in our dreamt run over the past few days. Perhaps there is a connection.
This is interesting. I'm a DP fan too. Hope we find out what's happening with this one.