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Full Version: Of shipwrecks, treasures, and annoying people
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At first, I'm at the bottom of the ocean, way down where it's dark and cold, yet I'm not wearing any sort of diving gear and that doesn't seem odd to me at all. I'm seeking an entrance to a shipwreck that's partly buried in the ocean bottom. I think of it as the Titanic, but it looks nothing like that wreck. In fact, it's like a massive catamaran. I think this discovery is interesting, that everyone had that ship wrong. Eventually I find my way into the ship, where it's dry, well lit, has a breathable atmosphere, and there's no visible damage. Now there are a couple other people with me. I tell them we need to hurry, the ship is unstable. As I say this, the view shifts to the exterior, as if above the wreck, and it's apparent that the wreck rests with the front sections of the two hulls extended out over an abyss. It's obvious that any real movement or shifting will cause the ship to go over the edge. Then the view shifts back into the ship as the others and I hurriedly search for an unknown treasure. We know it's there, we just have to find it. We find bodies scattered throughout the ship, all seeming drowned and crushed by the ocean pressure. Yet we're fine. As we search, we hear the ship creaking and groaning. Then, suddenly, I tell the others we need to leave NOW, that the ship is shifting towards the abyss. We run pell-mell towards the opening we entered the ship by and make it out just as the ship stern lifts slightly off the bottom of the ocean, the weight in the front pulling the ship to the edge. We float towards the surface of the ocean. I think how odd this is that we're floating surface-ward without any seeming problems. Shouldn't we need to spend more time rising, to prevent the bends?

A brief interlude of me describing our search for the treasure. As I talk, it's like a video of the whole event plays for the listeners to view. Someone asks me if we found the treasure. I tell them no, we didn't have enough time. But given that the ship was going over the edge, I doubted anyone else would find it, ever.

Next segment: I'm at some sort of compound. Many buildings situated around an open space. People are preparing for some sort of function, a fair of sorts. I have no assigned position but I help out where I can. There are two women who are ordering people around and their orders conflict so people are either standing around confused or getting things wrong, which causes the women to yell at them. One tells me to go to a certain building and set up some display. The other tells me to do something entirely different in a different place. I tell them they need to get on the same page because they're causing this whole setup to take way longer than necessary. One of the women yells at me for being rude. I tell her they're not paying me enough to put up with this crap. The other woman tells me I'm not getting paid at all. Exactly, I say, I'm here, on my own time, all of us are, and you need us more than we need you. So unless you want to finish up this gig on your own, with no help at all, you'll STFU and get out of the way so the people who know what needs to be done can get it done. Then I walk away, with the other workers following me. Someone says, I don't think anyone ever talked to them like that before. Well, I say, I'm not known for my tact and subtlety.
Liked your dream. When reading it had a "wish is was there" moment. Tongue