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Full Version: Hospital power loss, 2.26.18 am
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Dreamed of being in a hospital ED. I was there to watch something. Walking around and don't see anything unusual. I leave the hospital and then think, no I need to go back. So I went back inside the hospital and see the power is out. Only the emergency lighting in on. I wonder how long it will take for the generators to kick in. The outage was widespread and not just the hospital. The reason for my being there was to observe how they would handle losing power.

I walk in front of a nurses desk and they don't see me. I decide to go the waiting room to see what is happening there and I listen to people talking. They are talking about what brought them to the hospital. Then the generators kick in and the lights are back on. I look down and see I am barefoot.  I need to get out of here before someone sees me. The dream ends with me walking out of the hospital.  They did a satisfactory job. Some workers did panic, so they need improvement in that area.  End of Dream.
I've worked in hospitals when the power went out. At one hospital, the generator was right outside the windows of the first floor patient wing. When it powered up, man, was it noisy! We had to move patients to other rooms so they could even hear themselves think.

For the most part, everything works seamlessly. Power goes down, emergency lighting come on, the equipment shifts to battery backup, and then the generators come on line. And for the most part, staff knows what to do and tend not to panic, at least in the places I worked. Can't speak for other hospitals. Smile

This dream kind of tags in on the 25Feb bot run and its references to hospitals. Might need to pay attention on this topic.
Yes, I need to remember to check the head lines for what we dream.