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Full Version: Haunted castles and cooking aboard a ship
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Two separate dreams, but sort of interconnected.

1) My friend, whom I will call by her initial "S," and I are in England, making the rounds of haunted castles. We find this very entertaining as the spirits tend to recognize us and either ignore us or chat us up because very few people who come through can actually hear and speak with them. One castle has a standing challenge that if one can spend two nights alone in the castle, the stay will be free. "Free" is a good price for us, so we take the challenge. Some of the locals think we're crazy and tell us stories about others who took the challenge and barely made it two hours before fleeing the castle, due to the spirit activity. We don't say anything but both of us think this will be the most entertaining yet(We're weird like that). We get to the castle and it looks like something out of a Stephen King nightmare. We can already feel the spirits and entities that infest the castle, who are aware of our presence and already getting feisty. We're not that concerned. We came prepared with a few things we think will help keep things under control. Plus, we already decided we weren't going to be stupid, like in all the horror movies, and separate. We gather up our belongings and our equipment and head inside for our free stay. I make a crack about having the tools and the know-how. S just rolls her eyes and comments how I have a movie reference for every situation.

2)S and I seem to have jobs working as cooks on a freighter ship to pay our way back to the US. We were hired on short notice so we arrive aboard pretty much as the ship is getting ready to sail. The second in command(sorry, I have no knowledge of mariner ranks beyond the captain) shows us to our quarters and then to the kitchen. We will be cooking for 29 crew members. I mentally double that, figuring there will be those who want seconds. The 2nd shows us the pantry, which is massive and contains as much food as a small grocery store. He points out the walk-in freezer and fridge. I make a note to inventory what's in the freezer so I'll know what's there. He tells us that people will be coming and going all hours, due to round-the-clock shifts, so we'll need to have food and coffee available on hand at all hours. I tell S she'll need to see to the coffee, what with me not drinking the stuff and not knowing how to make it. Fine, she says, as long as you see to the cooking, since you're the better cook. Been a while since I cooked for large groups, so I hope previous cooks have left some info on the equipment and maybe some favorite recipes. 2nd tells us that dinner is usually set around 5:30 pm but it would be later tonight, around 7 pm. I check the clock. It's almost 6 pm! Yikes! And I have no clue what to make nor what might be available to make. 2nd tells me not to sweat, that no one expects a great meal tonight. Well then, I tell him, soup and sandwiches it is.

There was also a short bit about S and me on the deck, with a couple of little kids, toddlers really, running around on the deck. S yells at one kid to stay away from the railings but the kid doesn't listen and somehow manages to go overboard. S yells about the kid going overboard and hits an alarm, while I look at the other kid and tell it-don't know the gender-this is why you stay away from the railing.

Lately I have been having strange, yet easy-going, dreams. No big drama. Stuff getting done. This dreamtime was another one of those dreams. Not much happening, not much drama beyond the kid going overboard(and I didn't find out if he got pulled out of the water. That part of the dream ended when it shifted to a whole segment of S and me putting together a vat of soup and enough grilled cheese sandwiches to feed an army while impatient sailors waited at the doorway. Big Grin )

I have never been on a freighter and really have no plans to do so...ever. I have this "thing" about depths, not unlike my thing about heights.

What was odd about this whole thing was when I woke, I was so disoriented that it was hard for me to know where I was. By the time I finished the bathroom run, I was fine. Then I glanced at the clock and was shocked to discover it was after 1300. Really? I asked the spouse. Really, he replied. That meant I had slept nearly 10 hours straight. I seldom sleep that long, and only after a few nights of little sleep, but I've been getting plenty of sleep lately.
That was an interesting walk-about.
Yeah, when I'm that disoriented when I wake, I know I've been walkies and I haven't quite made it all the way back into my body yet.