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Full Version: Hole in ceiling dream. 3/3/18
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Dream of being in an apartment and thinking that clothes need washing. I take a laundry basket and walk out of apartment. Walked to the laundry area and put clothes to wash. Then I realized didn't have fabric softener dryer sheets. Went back to apt and when I walk in, the ceiling in between the living area and kitchen is falling in. Looks like something above the ceiling is weighing it down. I think, oh no the ceiling can't hold that weight. I grab the dryer sheets and step outside the front door. My neighbor walks out her apt at the same time. I tell her to look inside my apt. She says, you can come with me to the apt office to report this   , I need to go there also.

We stop at the laundry to put my clothes to dry. We leave and go to the office. No one is there so we go back to the apt. Now there are people at the apt. When we walk inside I see a huge hole in ceiling now. Then it starts to rain. I made a comment about the apt owner paying for new furniture.

After thoughts: no day residue. Last apt I lived in was 20+ years ago. On cell so pls ignore typos.