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Full Version: British Train 3-4-18
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It is daytime and I am on a British passenger train. It has sleeping cars and is rather long. I am standing in a car with some members of the Royal family. The queen is wearing a dress suit and a hat. William is also there in a suit ( I think) with George, who is a younger George, perhaps age 2. His mom Kate is there somewhere but I don't really see her. There are other Royals, but none that I recognize. I don't know why we are here but a formal speech/address has been made of some sort. I am asked to take charge of George so the Royal family can do whatever it is they need to continue doing. George is in a white suite with shorts. I take his hand and walk down some train corridors which are formal but also have an airy feel. At one point we turn around and looking out the window we can see the train cars behind us snaking around a curve in the bend. After awhile, I head back the way we came and come across some sleeping cars. I need to find a safe place and person to leave George with for a little while. As we pass some of the sleeping car rooms, a door is open and I see Don Lemon ( CNN) sitting on a lower bunk bed. There is a warm light glowing which lights up the room. I say hi and we chat for a little while. He is kind. I ask him if he wouldn't
mind watching George for a little while and he doesn't mind. George is in good safe hands, Don is playing with him and both are happy. End of Dream as my dog woke me up.

I don't really think this is a predictive dream, but I do think it is interesting that Dom Lemon was there. So, MAYBE there will be some press worthy news about a British Train. Perhaps Royal Traveling by train to someplace???
No clue really but George was really cute.
Awwww, love British themed dreams. Did you enjoy this one?
Yes actually I did.
(03-04-2018, 07:54 PM)Cassandra Wrote: [ -> ]Awwww, love British themed dreams. Did you enjoy this one?
Big Grin