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Full Version: Hillary Clinton and Kim Kardashian
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6 March 2018
No intention set

Two dreams:

1) I'm working with Hillary Clinton on some sort of project, I don't know what it was except I would be required to present a paper or a talk of some sort. Hillary is helping me prepare for the big day, encouraging yet gently pushing when I wanted to slack off. This presentation was very important for some reason, not just for me but for her, too. Then came time to do the presentation and something happened: I started bleeding unexpectedly. Not just a little bit but a lot. Hillary told me to go to the hospital. I told her no, I had to do the presentation. By the time we reached the location, I was too weak to even stand and kept apologizing that I was letting her and others down. No, she told me, it was all right, everyone would understand a medical emergency. Even so, I felt horrible about not being able to do the presentation at the scheduled time.

2) A small town with a railway running through the middle. There's a rail station there for people who might be traveling to and from the station. For some reason, Kim Kardashian is taking a train and she gets off at the station. She's by herself but with a mountain of luggage. She asks me if I know anyone who could help her get to the hotel. I ask what hotel does she mean, since there is no hotel in town. She tells me there must be a hotel, she has reservations. I shrug and tell her to go out to the curb and look up and down the street and see if there's a hotel. She does, then comes back and asks me if that's all there is to the city. I laugh at the concept of this town being called a "city" and tell her yes, that's it, the town doesn't even have a post office these days. She asks what she's to do. I tell her it might behoove her to catch the next train out of town. When is the next train? she wants to know. I tell her in a few days, and I invite her to stay at my place until then. Get what you need for a few days, leave the rest of the luggage here, no one will take it. She stands over her luggage, debating which pieces to take. I wait. While we're there, another train comes blowing by at high speed. As it passes by, the conductor blows the whistle. I watch it speed out of town and see the train derail as it takes a turn way too fast. Well, I tell Kim, that's out of the ordinary for around here. She stares at me and asks if this place is for real. Oh, I tell her, it's very real. You just have to get out of the cities to find all the places like this. We watch as people converge on the derailed train cars to check on the status of any people. I wake.

Okay, I don't know either of those people and why I dreamed about them is beyond me. In truth, they were weird dreams.
1st dream: Pray you do no have an actual medical emergency.
2nd dream: Of course the 2nd one screams train accident. Will be interesting to see the if, when and where of it.
(03-07-2018, 08:34 AM)Cassandra Wrote: [ -> ]1st dream: Pray you do no have an actual medical emergency.  
2nd dream: Of course the 2nd one screams train accident. Will be interesting to see the if, when and where of it.

Hadn't thought about the "they're a train wreck" analogy but it makes sense. What's interesting is Kim got off the train before it wrecked. When the train wreck occurs, will she somehow manage to avoid the damage?

As for the first one, that thought led to a revelation for me, one that's causing a massive shakeup in my personal paradigm. Ah, dreamtime, when the subconscious slaps us upside the head with messages we fail to grok during waking time.