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Full Version: Time Travel Movie Dream, 3.10.2018 am
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Scene 1. I am in what feels like a house in the 1600's in England. I am walking through a house, dark wood beams and Tudor style windows. Feels like I am a woman in her 30's or younger. I walk into a parlor looking room and see a man who I know is my husband and one older woman and one younger woman. The man is wearing a heavy brocade robe and embroidered cap on his head. The man looks worried. I tell the man I am going to take a nap. I get to what I think is my bedroom and laid down on a bed. Then I hear noise in the back of the house and I fear someone is breaking in. I get out of the bed and run screaming to the parlor that someone has broken into the house. I look at the men and see they look like military men from a 1600's time frame movie. I look at my husband and he smiles and says, no they are not here to harm us. I give them a sideways glance to get a good look at them and they are smiling.

Scene 2. I am sitting on what feels like a exam room table. There is a little woman trying to stick a needle in my left arm. A different woman I'll call the large one, walks by and asks, what is taking so long. The little woman says, I can't get the needle in to draw blood so I'm going to get a pediatric needle. The large woman says, okay while you are gone I'll give it a try. Well, the word "needle" must have woke my ass up because the next thing I know I'm lunging forward attempting to leave. Felt like I was in slow motion as I tried to move myself off the table. Large woman was trying to draw blood so she stopped and called for help. She bear hugged me so I couldn't move off the table. I saw someone hand her a small device and she touched the back of my left shoulder/arm area. Then it was lights out for me.

I jerked awake and looked at the clock, it was 2:30 am.

Afterthoughts: Scene one and two all felt like the same dream. It reminded me of a time traveler movie. Like myself and the man and other people in the house were time travelers. And when we get back to home base our blood had to be tested.