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Full Version: Paris dream, 3.16.2018 am
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This dream seemed to last all night. I would wake up for a couple of minutes, go back to sleep and the dream would continue. I'm going to post the bits I remember.

I'm getting off a train and see that I'm in Paris with some people, one being my sister. We rent a car, my sister drives us to a house. We are renting one of the floors of the house. After we get settled into the house, someone in the group says they have business to take care of and they leave. I tell one of the people I want to walk and see the sights. I get to an area where people are making art and find this interesting. Then I wake up.

Went back to sleep. I am now back at the house we are renting. Someone says, okay now we can all go out together to see the sights. We walk out the building and I say I want to visit a square with shops and restaurants. We are now in an open area with shops and restaurants. Lots of tourists shopping and eating. I think about buying trinkets for people back home and stop at a shop. I think, hummm wonder if they "horses". Then I woke up again.

Went back to sleep. Now I am walking back to the apartment alone. When I get to the building, I hear a woman calling to me. I look left at the house next door and see Elizabeth Taylor standing in the window. She is waving to me and then she says, I need assistance. Of course I was curious, so I walked over to the house and went inside. She was sitting up in a bed and there was a bottle of lotion next to her. She said, it spilled and I need help cleaning it. I said, okay I'll help you. I cleaned it off the bed and then she said, I wish you could stay with me. She reached out and held my hands. I said, me too, I can't stay, it was nice meeting you. She was smiling as I left the room. End of Dreams.

Afterthoughts: No day residue. I think the reason I thought about buying a horse trinket was because at some point in the dream I saw a horse statue. There are multiple horse monument/statues in Paris so could have been any one of them.  

The part about Elizabeth Taylor really surprised me because I've not seen any of her movies recently. She looked to be in her late 20's or early 30's, was absolutely perfect and she glowed. I googled Paris and Elizabeth Taylor.  Paris Hilton is related to her, she has a goddaughter named Paris Jackson and she made a move named "The Last Time I Saw Paris".