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Full Version: Little Library 3-19-18
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This was the last layer of a multi layer dream.  
I am visiting with a friend who I haven't seen in awhile.  She takes me to a small upstairs room which has a very low angled ceiling.  In some places you have to bend down so you don't hit your head. It is clean, the walls are a peachy color and there are some shelves.  The room is empty except for her husband who is unpacking some boxes filled with books.   My friend tells me they are going to be opening a small library and will be having story time for kids.  I think -too bad it is a volunteer job, It would be fun to work here but have had enough volunteer jobs.  I am supposed to be looking for one that pays this time.  I  then think about going through the books in my house which could be donated to this little library.  I hope the kids will like coming here. Maybe I can come in and do story time sometimes.

The friends in this dream are real life friends.  In fact am meeting with her tomorrow for tea to get caught up.  In real life they own a ballet studio and do a lot of work with the community. In real life  I do a lot of volunteer work and am trying to figure out what new paid  job I want to do.
Sounds like a nice library. You'll need to let us know if it comes to reality.