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Full Version: School Shooting Spree In LA 3-21-18
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I don't remember much of this particular dream.  What I do remember was there was a  serial shooter or shooters, attacking schools in the Los Angeles area.  There were many schools which had been targeted.  The shooters did not gain access to the inside of. the school but shot from the surrounding areas with assault style type weapons.  The last school they shot at was a private school called Harvard, a boys school.

There actually was a boys school in Los Angeles called Harvard.  It combined several years ago with a girls school called Westlake and is now called Harvard-Westlake.  I knew the information before my dream.  I thought it odd that I would dream of the boys school Harvard, which makes me wonder if I should be paying attention to the other Harvard, the University in Cambridge.
Hummmm, need to keep an eye on the news fro this one.