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Full Version: Seed Storage Dream, 3/23/18 am
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Dreamed I am with two other people. We are visiting a seed storage facility. There are seeds from all plants on earth. There is also reproductive material referred to as "seeds" to reproduce animals and humans. I'm interested in seeing how much is being stored and how well it's stored. This place is too important to Earth life for there to be any mishandling of the seeds.

One of the people I am with says, how are we going to get inside? I then see a woman I worked with years ago. I tell my companions, let me talk with her and you two can go ahead and walk through. I walk up to the woman's desk and engage her in conversation. After we talk for a while she asks, why are you here? I say, Oh I'm looking for a job and thought I would try here. She said, oh good you will like it here. End of Dream.
A friend sent this to me today. This fits what I've been feeling the past couple weeks. Makes me wonder if the brought on this seed dream.