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Full Version: Bouncing around
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23 March 2018
No intention set

I'm hiking through a desert area. Very southwest USA-like, not like Sahara. There are other people with me but I'm not paying attention to them and off to one side, as much by myself as possible. None of us are talking. We have a long way to go to get to our destination.

Suddenly I'm on a freighter ship in the middle of the ocean. I'm with two men and we're below deck, standing next to a big opening in the hull of the ship. It's like a loading bay, not a hole in the deck. The waves are high and the ship is moving up and down. Wind is blowing and water surges in through the opening. I see dolphins and other fish swimming near the ship. The men and I are wearing harnesses that are attached to cables to keep from being swept out the opening. Even with a tether, I'm scared I'll be swept out the opening. I tell one of the men that I'm a lousy swimmer. He laughs and says then it might be a good idea to stay on board the ship. Yeah, I tell him, that's my plan.

Another sudden jump and now I'm on a sidewalk in the downtown area of a medium-sized town. There must be some sort of celebration or something going on, like a sidewalk fair, because there's music, I smell food cooking, and the sidewalks and street are jammed with people laughing and talking. I'm disoriented because I don't know how I got from the ship to this town, wherever it may be. I start walking in a random direction, pushing my way through groups of people. A vendor asks if I'd like something to eat. I realize I'm hungry but know I have no money or credit cards with which to buy anything so I tell him no. He hands me a stick with some meat on it-it smells wonderful-and tells me to take a sample and maybe I'll change my mind. I thank him and continue on my way, where that may be.
Like your walk-about dreams. Smile