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Full Version: Interdimensional Long-Distance
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20180401-Dream-Interdimensional Long-Distance
5:00 AM PDST, 16:42 LST Easter Morning, 1 Apr 2018

I was working with students on a project in a hospital lobby- Possibly a solar-cooking contest, possibly something else. There were a lot of people coming and going. The phone at the front desk rang, and when the attendant picked it up, she held out the receiver to me and said, “It’s for you—Interdimensional Long-Distance.”

“G-d d-mn it!” I said in frustration, taking the receiver, “Who could that be?”

It was Wanda, my sister-in-law.

“ Wanda?” I said in surprise. “How- How are you? And how did you get this number? Is everything OK?”

It was a very bad connection, but she seemed to be saying that things were not going well with her Mom. I asked for details but they were lost in a lot of chirping, distortion and static.

Finally I told her, “I will call you back in your own dimension. Then we can talk.”

She seemed happy about that.

I handed the heavy green-black bakelite phone receiver back to the attendant, and told the students, “Sorry guys, I have to go,” and woke up.

It was 5 AM (PDST). I got up, found my cell phone (which was dead) and charged it enough to send Wanda a text message, It was 8:45 AM in her time zone by then, so I didn't worry about it being too early. I ended the message with, “PS, Really there is no need to run up Interdimensional Long-Distance charges on your phone bill."
She texted back to say that all was well with her Mom, and that tomorrow, they plan to go visiting in Pennsylvania for 3 days.

A very Matrix-like experience. The front desk phone was exactly the sort of dark-green (almost black) bakelite Bell Telephone you would see in the 1950s, with the curly green phone cord to match.
I thought I’d document this one as soon as possible. The time indices usually match for this type of communication, but not always (ref Lincoln’s ‘president has been shot’ dream). Hopefully nothing bad will happen on their trip, but if it does, at least Wanda will not hesitate to call us [within our shared reality ;-) ].