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Full Version: Making Illegal Yogurt
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20180321-Dream-Making Illegal Yogurt (Spring Equinox 3:00 AM PDST)

I was one of eight (8) people making illegal yogurt (or was it tofu?). There were eight huge vats arranged in a circle. If we stirred the yogurt with a special paddle, the Law would not detect us.

Someone, however, got only seven of the correct paddles. I got the incorrect paddle, so when I started to stir my yogurt vat, they ignored everyone else and arrested me.

I asked the police as they took me away, “What does it all mean?”

“Well,” came the reply, “you’ll live to see 2020 anyway.”

“Only 2020?” I exclaimed. “It’s already 2018—Thanks a lot!”


Really no idea what this one means-- I wanna make the yogurt, but I am no expert and need to pay better attention to details? My time is more limited than I think? So make some yogurt and eat it?

I woke up at 3 AM and had trouble getting back to sleep, so I laid there praying for blessings, peace and safety for whoever came to mind, as usual. But not as usual, this time whoever I prayed to bless, I found myself at their homes, even though some of them I had never visited.
One of them (a guy I don’t know very well) could apparently see me, and asked me what I wanted. I explained myself, and he seemed satisfied and not alarmed. I sat with him at his table in the kitchen (breakfast nook, 3rd floor apartment with kitchen window facing East) and watched the sun come up (in his time zone) while he made himself some coffee. We chatted a bit, then I went back home to go to sleep.
2020 seems to be the new 2012, but where something will actually happen. Others have had visions of that year/number.
In today's 4-4-18 bot run, yogurt was listed. I don't think I have ever seen it is a bot run. Odd. What is up with yogurt.
Well, I can't imagine it references the Mel Brooks character from the movie "Spaceballs."