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Full Version: Railroad through the Grocery Store
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20180318-Dream-Railroad through the Grocery Store

I am in a small mountain town. There is one (1) grocery store. The railroad has tracks that run through the middle of the store, and they send coal trains on these tracks. All the food is coated with coal dust. Our first thought is to sue the grocery store for dirty food—But we decide instead to sue the train line for dirtying the store with coal.

The grocery store owner is my adversary in this. His wife dies. I go to the funeral to stand with the family and share their sorrow, even though we are enemies.


No one thought to sue the coal company. On the other hand, why not move the one-room store? The train track through the middle of it is the real problem, and yet it stays there in every option that the townspeople considered.

If their lawsuit against the grocery store succeeds, the most likely outcome will be a town with no grocery store.

If the lawsuit against the railroad or the coal company succeeds, no more train and no more coal-- ie., the train and coal will likely go somewhere else.

Take home;
Make the hard decisions. Take steps to avoid what you cannot change. Your enemies are being hurt the same as you, so share their sorrow and help them.