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Full Version: Tunnel wired for explosion
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Was driving through what I thought was the Eisenhower tunnel on i70 in Colorado and saw strange activity near the exit.

Several others also saw what was happening, they pulled over before I did. They were taken hostage or something and somehow I was talking with the instigator of the placing explosives to cause disruption in the economy. Seemed like the event would take place in 45+\- days around a music fest, but because of the staging of the c4 so early I’m guessing more locations were planned to be disrupted at once.

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Music festivals are plenty in the Spring. Hope and pray this one does not happen.
Based on the tunnel, I wonder, do you have a feeling the explosion was to disrupt a music festival up in the mountains and if so was it classical or a different type? I ask because I have spent a great deal of time in the Vail Valley over the years and when I think of Colorado music in the summer, I think Vail Bravo or many of the free summer concert nights in the area. Also Aspen has many as well. A bombing of that tunnel would be catastrophic for the region as a detour would take HOURS and HOURS. I can't even imagine...
The tunnel did not seem to be Eisenhower, as I drive it a couple times a month.

I think that it was elsewhere, but yes it would be near catastrophic to the ski industry.

I have no idea on what type of music it was, though I think that it was a plot to disrupt many areas, which was the reason to set it up so far in advance (I think)

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So in reading urban survival tonight he referenced refinery fires.

In Wisconsin and elsewhere and what I saw was more of the highway system/transportation infrastructure and its planned disruption as the bomb was not going to have an immediate infrastructure disruption and the tunnel seemed to be more a metaphor as the bomb was placed in more of a structure than a tunnel.

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Don’t want to be dialed into the all, but dreamed my cows broke out last night through the west gate and the neighbor helped stop the jailbreak and it occurred today. Wish I had checked the gate.

I was so stressed for so many years I quit dreaming and have started to again with the help of a naturopath. Really hope my dreams don’t come true with interpretation as I am about to clean and fill the 500 gallon diesel tank.

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