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Full Version: Demon in the church
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30 April 2018

I'm in a church, standing in the vestibule. The doors to the sanctuary are closed. There's a demon present, I can feel its energy emanating from beyond the sanctuary doors. I have my rattle in one hand, florida water bottle in the other. Pull open one of the sanctuary doors and step inside. Wooden pews in three sections in what I call theater-style placement overlooking the altar area. Minister standing in front of the altar. People filling the pews. Completely silent. The thick carpet between two sections of pews muffles my footsteps. The demon's energy is heavy, like being covered with a weighted blanket. I tell the congregation that they need to leave, that it's about to get ugly in there. All the people in the pews stand and file silently from the sanctuary. I glance to my right and see the organist still seated at her organ. I ask her to play a middle A in a continuous tone. She nods and touches a key. A lone musical note rolls from the organ and fills the space. Then the choir, which was in a nook behind the organ, begins toning with the organ. The sound swells. Vibrates through to my bones. I proceed down the aisle towards where I feel the demon energy.

Next thing, I'm flying backwards through the air. I slam to the floor, knocking the wind from me. Well. Never saw that coming. Never even felt that coming. Get my breath back, get back to my feet, and before I can even get a bearing on this invisible demon, it slams into me again. This time I flip backwards through the air. Smash into the doors, bursting them open, and come to land in the vestibule. The organist adds more notes, spreading out an octave of "A" and the choir joins her. The toning nearly shakes the church, it's so loud now. The chandelier over my head vibrates, causing the crystals to tinkle together. I lie there thinking this one was going to leave a mark and how the heck was I supposed to deal with an invisible demon who took me down before I could even get a fix on its energy?

Someone leans over me. It's the dark-haired man who often shows up when I'm in trouble(Think I'm gonna name him William). He studies me, then asks if I'm aware that I'm in over my head. I tell him Duh, I'm getting my butt handed to me. He hauls me to my feet. Kind of dusts me off and hands me my rattle and florida water that I must have dropped while airborne. You can't take this one alone, he says. I give him a look of "No s**t, Sherlock." He grins at me. C'mon, he says, I'll give you a hand. We head into the sanctuary, ready to do battle. I wake to the sound of the choir and the organ toning that "A" note.