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Full Version: Of pigeons and the WWE
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22 May 2018

I'm in an arena, filled with people who are screaming and yelling with excitement. I'm up in the nosebleed section, able to see most of the arena clearly. Down on the main floor is setup like a boxing ring. Somehow I know this is to be a show like WWE's Raw or some other big production. Music cranks. Light show. Smoke and pyrotechnics. Two forms emerge from different sides of the floor and approach the ring. The crowd is going insane with screaming, foot stomping, and cheering. Then out of the smoke steps two giant pigeons, each wearing wrestler trunks(Or whatever the little Speedos they wear are called). The wrestling pigeons are buffed, strutting around, their wings in the air like fists raised to the sky. I glance around to see if anyone else is surprised by this development and discover all the people around me are actually pigeons. Giant, human-sized pigeons. I check but I'm still human, seeming to be the only human in the arena at the moment.

A pigeon near me leaps up and flings itself atop the next row down, belly up and feet in the air with its wings outstretched. The pigeons in the rows below us move the pigeon down towards the ring like it's a giant mosh pit. I see other pigeons in the arena doing the same thing. This is so outside the realm of my understanding that I'm utterly speechless.

The POV changes to I'm not sitting in one of the rows near the ring. I see one of the mosh pit pigeons being moved down the rows towards my location. A couple pigeons near me, each dressed like gang banger wannabes, nudge each other and decide to do something different. They somehow get on their backs and stick their pigeon feet straight up in the air so the mosh pit pigeon will land on their feet. That's when I see that their nails have been filed to knife-like sharpness and the mosh pit pigeon is in danger of being impaled on their toes. I stand up and yell to get the attention of the pigeons above me but no one can hear me with all the noise in the arena. I look at the two wannabe gangster pigeons and think, Fine. I'll handle this myself. They look at me and laugh as if saying there's nothing you can do, human. I think, Watch me, just as the mosh pit pigeon is launched towards my row, I throw myself at it and knock it back to the row behind me. I wake as chaos ensues.

This was one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had, which is really saying something for me. I remember waking and thinking, Pigeons. What was up with the pigeons?
I’m sure there’s a movie script in this somewhere. (Although if it had been my dream, I would’ve been petrified. Big birds just freak me out). Big Grin
Everyone but me has been transformed into pigeons? Other than that, Hitchcock did the film decades ago. Big Grin

Big birds don't bother me. I had a black faced vulture adjust its floating on the thermals until it came practically beak to face with me. It was less than five feet from where I stood, so close I could see its eyes and individual feathers clearly. It kinda hovered there, eyeing me as I eyed it back. I greeted it and thanked it for stopping by. It apparently decided I wasn't very interesting, flapped its wings a couple times, and veered off into the wind to catch another thermal. Way cool experience.
I had a thought.
Carrier pigeons were used in WW! and WW2 to carry messages. You also carry messages.
Perhaps a connection?
Okay, that never occurred to me. And when put with the whole mosh pit thing, where pigeons were being carried atop the crowd, messages in a way, and it makes a kind of sense.

I need to go see what a carrier pidgie looked like...BRB

Oh wow. These images of English carrier pigeons look just like the pigeons in my dream, minus the clothes they were all wearing:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Any thoughts on the pigeons that were going to skewer the one mosh pit pigeon and I stopped that from happening?
This is what popped up for me when I read your last post, "spy, spy, everywhere a spy" with the song "Signs".