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Full Version: School days
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23 May 2018

Multiple dreams that were basically the same plot: Getting ready to start high school, which started in a few days. Spending time preparing my wardrobe, assembling my backpack, and even making sure my bike was in good working order for me to ride back and forth from school. I didn't intend to return to school but somehow knew it was important I do so and I needed to get ready as best I could. I even rode my bike back and forth from the school so I would know how long a trip it would be and the best route to take.

One thing that stood out for me is one of the outfits I planned to wear: A red pullover sweater worn over a white shirt, navy slacks or dark jeans, and black sneakers. I had several coordinating shirts to wear beneath the sweater but the first day required the white shirt. I also had several dark skirts to wear, which I thought ridiculous to wear while riding a bike and didn't plan to wear them unless necessary.

While this dream may be day residue-I spent time chatting with a friend who is finishing up her bachelor's degree this week-I suspect I've been given a head's up that it's time for me to "go to school" and further my training. As I have no idea what that entails, this should be interesting. Big Grin
Going to school is exactly what I was thinking as I read it. And the white shirt reminds me of donning white robes, a symbol of purity, which might signify the position you need to start from. Cleansed and ready to go thru the ritual.