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Full Version: The Mansion
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The dream started with a work field trip. We had all piled into a van and our boss told us the destination was a surprise. We arrived in a downtown area, and the van pulled into a dilapidated warehouse. The walls were crumbling and the floor was wet.

A group of women, me included, went in search of a bathroom. Across the street was an art gallery/museum, and someone said they would let us use theirs. Once inside, the venue changed. It was obviously someone’s mansion, filled with antiques and valuable items. I asked someone who’s mansion this was, and I was told it was the Busch Estate. At one point we passed a man with a small boy, who was on the floor having a fit. We were told he was autistic, but when I approached him and looked him in the eye, I could see that he was a sensitive and was Seeing more than we could, and was in fact pretty talented. We locked eyes before his dad grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away.

The Busch mansion was the home of two ancient, eccentric sisters. I kept seeing price tags on everything, and was told the one sister left them on because it was the only way she felt worthy, to put it all on display. It was really rather sad.

At one point in our bathroom search, I found a staircase that I started towards, only to have the other sister come sweeping by me with her hand out to stop. “You’re not allowed up here AT ALL!”, she screamed at me. Then she went sweeping up the stairs.

We explored a few more rooms, then I woke up, feeling extremely disoriented.