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I can't remember as much of this dream as I'd like, which is unfortunate because it was kind of amusing. In this dream, the Dream Center had bought some land to "rebuild" in a sort of rural area. Everyone who chose to help out was helping to build a huge, beautiful farmhouse. After helping with the house for a while, I ventured out a little ways to make the area more pretty. There were chickens running around that I helped with, but my focus was more on planting flowers and making the land more pretty since it seemed kind of dry and lifeless.

Some time later I had to go to work at a Rite Aid. When I stepped in I was excited to see a huge 75% off sale with different stuffed animals and pillows. I grabbed a few things for my children to include a really wild, rainbow colored sock monkey. (I don't like sock monkeys, but this one was kind of charming). I saw advertised these cute little terry cloth hats and towels. They came in pink and blue and the blue had puppy faces on the hats and towels and the pink had kitten faces. I needed one for each of my kids but only found one set, the rest had been put aside for the guy running the Dream Center who came in a little while later with an adorable little girl who was just learning to walk. So I said 'Hi' and talked a few seconds before hugging the little girl and getting back to work. After work I decided to go back to the Dream Center house. On my way out playing one of the bubble toy machines that gave me something just really weird. I can't remember what it was, but it seemed odd to be in a toy machine and some guy that saw me win it REALLY wanted it. I gave it to him and he gave me a big hug and ran off like he had won the lottery.

When I got back to the Dream Center, I saw that a lot of progress had been made on the house. To my surprise, not far from the house they had set up a mega-trampoline and bleachers. I was a bit confused and went looking for someone to ask about what was going on. I saw a guy in a white lab coat and asked what was going on and he told me that the Dream Center was being supported and monitored by NASA, because they had good reason to believe the dreamers there were being influenced by a star or celestial body they called "Neverland". I thought that was interesting, because I didn't know "Neverland" was an actual thing outside of the Peter Pan fairy tale. I then asked about the giant trampoline and bleachers. In an attempt to get an audience and new members, there was a sort of talent show going on and the trampoline was the stage. Each of the dreamers who wished to participate were going to put on a show. I thought that was an interesting idea. I saw little groups and teams form with dreamers wanting to perform together and watched some of them practicing. It was... interesting. There was a couple of guys that jumped on the trampoline stage together while singing in another language (Russian, I think). I saw that a couple of women there were going to use the stage to talk about things that were important to them like meditation or the power of essential oils. I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to do because I didn't feel like I had very much to offer as far as entertainment... but after thinking about it I decided that I would dust off my silk fans and do a dance and maybe flips while singing an Evanescence song. (Im not sure which one it was, but it may have been "Lost in Paradise". If I messed it all up, maybe it would at least be funny?

I was thinking that we would all have time to practice before we actually performed for an audience, but then noticed that the bleachers were slowly filling as members were performing, even though the performances were rather... clumsy. I thought to myself that we would all get practice in during the performance and eventually be wonderful at what we did.  I unfortunately woke up before I got the chance to see what happened during my performance.
Okay, I'm a bit stunned here. As some people know, I was offered a job recently at a hospital and couldn't refuse because it was a decadent bridge between my current financial situation and the physical treatment center I've been conceiving in my head (i.e, the first real building called National Dream Center). Unbeknownst to me, hospitals tend to keep the air on high and temps down low. Also unbeknownst to me was the rigid standards on what clothes we can and can't wear during work. SOOOOOOO, as I started this job last week, I was seriously considering buying a medical doctor's coat so that I wouldn't suffer in the cold environment. Oh yes, this coat is a WHITE LAB COAT, and I have one saved in my Amazon shopping cart!

Interestingly, although I have no idea where this Dream Center will be placed in roughly 2-4 years, Angi and I have been considering a rural area because 1) we are both treehugging citizens, and 2) ecotherapy may end up being a mainstay modality in our psychotherapy practice.

I'm giving this dream a big WOW. Thanks for sharing, Elyse!
Eagle: Reading your post, I heard, "Start thinking Arkansas." That was followed by a quick vision of woods and a creek. Approx 10 acres, give or take.

Wherever it is it's quiet. No traffic noise, just birdsong, wind rustling through the trees, and creek burbles.
I will comply. I'm slowly saving my down payment! But that sounds identical to what we were hypothesizing!
Ditto what  DLP said. I saw a creek/water with trees near the water. Lots of good clean bright energy too!

And yes you are on my list for when I win the lottery! Big Grin
Awesome! I can't tell you how excited I am!!!!! Mind-Body treatment center with clean energy (both metaphors here....the energy/electricity that drives the center AND the energy/aura coming off the people who work there)

Maybe we can figure out how to derive winning lottery numbers from the dreambot runs??? Anyone want to take that project on?
Should I mention that I fit into that scenario somehow? Because I saw myself walking the land, getting to know it, working with it on some level. Big Grin
I am always surprised when my seemingly nonsensical dreams make a hit. It makes me wish I put them all in. I'll have to try and make more time for that. :p
DLP: I would hope so!! Even it its in the astral realm or just periodic visits.
Elyse: Yes, please! You've always been one of our most talented dreamers!