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Full Version: Prince William and family dream, 5/28/18 am
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1st dream: I am visiting or on vacation somewhere. I see William, Kate and their two eldest children. I talk with William and Kate exchanging pleasantries.

2nd dream: I walk into what feels like a hotel lobby. I see Kate sitting on a sofa with her son George next to her. Walk over to her and ask, are you enjoying this visit? She said, oh yes very much and the children also. George is reading on the sofa. I ask about Charlotte and Kate says, oh she is playing over there. I look and see Charlotte riding on a child's toy like a tricycle. I think, oh no no no, she is too near the front doors. I walk toward her so I can bring her back closer to the sofa where her Mom is sitting. Just as I'm getting near to where Charlotte is, I see a car pull up and see a really disturbed looking man driving the car. He rolls down the window, sticks his arm out the window holding something in his hand. He waved his hand at Charlotte and says, I have something for you, come closer. My first thought was, not on my watch as I step between the car and Charlotte. The man was furious and drives off.

3rd dream: I am asking Kate, where is Charlotte going today? She said, she is going to a little girls dress up party. I walk over to the car to speak with the mom who is here to pick up Charlotte. She is wearing navy blue framed eye glasses. I ask, can you see okay enough to drive? She says oh yes these are new. I went on to ask questions about the party. The woman said, it's okay I am a cousin of William and see, my two girls are in the car waiting. I look in the back seat and two little girls are smiling and excited. I say, all right then, just so you know, I'll be watching your driving.

Afterthoughts: no day residue. I've stopped trying to understand these British royal family walkabout dreams.

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