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Full Version: A nice dream about ice cream
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Tail end of a very nice dream.

At a buffet with my mom and family. Go up and get a waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream with spears of breaded chicken strips sticking out of it. My mom makes some weird comment.

Don’t care. Enjoying my chicken waffles.


Can you tell I’m on a Paleo diet? LOL Big Grin
Like your chicken and ice cream dream. Big Grin
Are waffles Paleo?

You had what I term a "vacation dream." A nice dream with nothing really happening. Smile
None of it was paleo, but it was sure good! (Waffles and cones-grain flour usually. Breading on chicken strips-same bad grains. Ice cream-dairy. Sigh.)
While the thought of chicken and waffles makes my stomach clench, I do love waffle cones from Sonic. And ice cream would be on my diet even if I ate Paleo. I do love my ice cream. Heart
I love my ice cream too. Which is why it had to go off limits, as I have none where Ice cream is concerned. Big Grin