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Full Version: Missing and Presumed Dead
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I had a 2 layer dream which had the same theme.
In the first dream, I was at some sort of place for a gathering. It was a hotel near a large conference center/retreat center. The conference center had large windows and many angled roof lines. The roof was while. It was in a place surrounded by nature, like mountains and near a regional airport, . It was cool outside, maybe in the sixties.
I am concerned and looking at a airport arrival screen. My mom's flight has not arrived. There is no information about her flight and I am trying to figure out what is going on. She is well known to people who are attending the conference. I don't what to let anyone know just yet that her flight is missing and I haven't heard from her.
I spend time trying to speak with airport officials but there isn't any information.
At my hotel I let a family member know. This is going to be big media news in the near future but for now I am trying to figure what may have happened.
At some point I am eating by myself quietly near other conference attendees. At first no one knows about the plane which is good, Slowly a few people begin to find out. Logically I run through the possibilities of what might have occurred. Most likely her plane went down but where? At some point I hear a recording of people/ a person on the flight say there was an issue with the plane and then they begin screaming. I am calm. I am processing the information.I also know I am going to need to inform the people attending the conference. I want to know what exactly happened to the plane where it "crashed". I know I can't help find my mom. I need to start letting the rest of the family and soon the conference people know what has happened.
My mom is now missing and presumed dead.

Second layer.
I am shopping in a nice outdoor area. The store I am in is small. I am looking through items and noticing that the store has gaps in its stock. Bins are running low. Some racks are not very full. I ask if the store will be closing ( there are no signs saying it will be closing and I feel odd asking). The employee tells me yes, they are. I find it odd that there isn't a sign saying so. During this time shopping I am aware that a friend of mine who was my daughter's band director is missing. He and his wife were out driving and have disappeared. I am concerned they did not reach their destination. This is unlike them. As the dream goes on, the thoughts that they still haven't been found fill my head.

Well, both dreams had real people in my life missing and I was concerned for their lives. The store also had "missing" merchandise. It was the "end" for the store and likely people I loved and cared about.
Day residue? Maybe. I have been following the migrant children separation crisis. Perhaps that missing theme played into my dreams. But the actual crisis did not.
I was very calm during the dreams, concerned but calm and logical.
This is really quite interesting--
Common features in the 2 layers include absence of who (or what) is expected, and fear of loss without confirmation.
Absent Mom
Absent groceries
Absent Band leader and wife
No confirmation for missing persons' fates.
The only confirmation in both is that the grocery store WILL be closing, but even that has not happened yet.