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Full Version: Natural Disaster
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People were on the move on foot and bikes. I wasn't sure why. The electricity was already out and there was no gasoline. I was on foot, travelling with someone- I don't know who- with a suitcase of clothing and toiletries and a big shopping bag of non-perishable food. We were headed to the empty vacation home of a relative- looked like it was somewhere tropic- like Florida. It was a small suburban home. We reached the house after dark and when we saw a candle in the window, we looked at each other. "Oh no, somebody else got here first." I went into the house and saw that it was a young woman with a girl about 6 years old. Apparently they saw that the house was empty and broke in. She had a "homeless vibe" about her. I said to her "I'm sorry but this is our house." She had shifty eyes and was wearing hippie clothing. She said "You can't make me leave." I could see that she had a gun in the waistband of her pants, but I couldn't grab it away from her. Soon other people came to the house- they were all strangers who demanded to come in, but once in they didn't cause trouble- they just wanted shelter. We were all waiting- waiting for something and then I saw it - the Earth was going to be hit by meteors. People were clearing away from the projected strike zone. Looked like it was right through the center of the United States. I was wandering the now-crowded house wearing a long dress. I felt the long dress was somehow symbolic of the clock being turned back to an earlier age (maybe pre-electric age) because of the asteroid strike.

Dreamed 6-29-2018

Kelly - Your dream reminds me of this map I've seen on the internet.