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Full Version: Two paths
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I dreamed a few days ago that I was in a line with a group of family members I do not recognize, but knew in the dream. We were in a place that seemed somewhere in the sky. When I got to the front of the line, I was expected to find a particular place on a rather unusual Google Earth map that was difficult to navigate. One of the confusing things the map did was show two earths colliding into each other. When I finally got the map to show the United States, I was able to watch, in real time, the construction of two enormous interstates that both ran north and south. By enormous, I mean they were hundreds of miles wide. The first one I saw seemed to run directly over the Mississippi river, and the other along the west coast and possibly Arizona. The one in the midwest seemed to be closer to completion and more well known than the one on the coast.

I read somewhere that dreams of streets pertain to the path of your life, so I am curious as to what the implication of these two enormous "paths" is.