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Full Version: Meeting dream, 7.11.18, am
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Dreamed about being in a small room with approximately 20+ people. Everyone is sitting at tables with laptops. We are there in groups of 3 or 4 people in each group. Someone says, let’s get this meeting started and everyone looks at the screens on their laptops. I look at the screen and see a web page. There are lots of different sections on the page. Each section belongs to a group represented in the meeting. Each group needed a code to access their section on the website. I didn’t have the code so I said, “wait don’t start the meeting until I can sign in”. Someone said, “here I have your code”. I walked over to her desk and she said, “your code is 2 7 9 11 11 11 _ _ _.
Someone said, “ladies ladies can we get this meeting started?” I said, “wait a sec I need a pen to write the code”. Someone gave me a pen and I wrote the code on an envelope.

I then went back to the table where I was sitting. I look toward the opposite end of the room and see a man standing there taking with another person. I take notice of him because he is dressed in what looks like a military uniform. He is wearing a grey Cossack hat on his head and a long dark grey coat with a belted waist. He is smiling and happy. I get the feeling he is here to ensure all is well in the meeting. End of dream.