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Full Version: Island trek dream, 7.16.2018, am
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Dreamed about leading a group of people on a trek across an island. The group is made up of children, men and woman, all ages. Looks like 8-10 people in the group. We are walking along a coast line that has a narrow width of sand. The children want to play in the sand, but I urge them to continue walking. Someone says, “should we be walking so close to the water, what if the enemy comes close”? I say, “no they won’t bother with this island, they have too much going on elsewhere.” We stop for a rest and then continue walking. We arrive at an area with about 25 other people already there. I speak with someone and ask if we can evacuate to mainland China? He says, no China is not accepting any more refugees. I asked, well then where will we go? He looks at me with a “I don’t know” look on his face. I’ll have to think of something else, some other place for us to take refuge. End of Dream