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Full Version: Chicago event and the financial markets are closed
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I had a dream about the financial markets being closed then seeing an attack on Chicago once again seeing the Sears tower on fire but still standing(people jumping from it the exits are blocked) 3 or 4 other skyscrapers collapsing onto other buildings seeing my brother who does go into Chicago and work on cell phone relays and all with Sprint viewing this from the vantage point of a building that doesn't get hit. It states that this is a far worse attack than 911...death toll is a lot bigger. Seeing people fleeing an explosion perhaps in London seeing those red type buses that drive around the city.
I read a blog years ago by a journalist. His girlfriend had a premonition of 9/11, but she had many more dreams of what she called, the "Chicago Event", which she said would be much worse than 9/11. I have never forgotten reading that blog. It is interesting Jawsawtikal that you use the term "Chicago event". The word "event" is often used in geology, describing events in the geological record, so I have often wondered if it is a man-made attack or a meteor/comet impact?
Thank you both for sharing. Got the spirit chills reading both.
This is a great conversation. Thanks for sharing the dream and for commenting.
There has been talk of an event "like" a 9-11 over the past few months but it is unclear if it is actually terrorism or something else. Interesting thoughts on "event" Maat.
Jawsawtikal, was this an event which happened at the same time in London and Chicago, or different days? Was the financial market closed because of an attack or was it a weekend/holiday?
I saw a parking garage thinking about this dream. The weather is overcast or dusk. I know there tons of parking garages in a city, so wasn't sure if I should even mention it.
World wide predictions is predicting and explosion relating to the letters I L (Illinois ?)
It seemed around the same time Chicago and London. I've had that dream about the Sears tower attack since 1995 with more detail in it each time around. If you look up there was a computer hacker who said he tapped into certain compters and there was an attack planned on Chicago sometime in the future.
I dreamt of Chicago a few years ago. I haven't been to this site in a long long time!