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Full Version: My First Lucid Dream (I think)
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I was with Sharon. She went one way and I went another. I ended up in St. Catharines (childhood and teen years). I was walking down the street (downtown area) and saw  a crane toppling over. It almost hit a small child. I continued on and noticed no one around.  Then I said to myself SINCE THIS IS A DREAM LETS SEE WHERE IT GOES. I am at a large intersection and decide to cross road. I know I'm not going to make it before people were turning. They were not in cars but moving in vertical position.  A policeman stops me and was going to give me a ticket. He says you shouldn't have done that. I said about being young. Then I could feel myself coming out of the dream.
Yes, sounds like lucid dreaming. Big Grin
That is great! Sounds like a lucid dream to me too.