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Full Version: Many dreams
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Dreamt I was on a ranch the horses got out, with their bridles on in a overfull river. most were being herded up stream, but I helped on with a rider on it back to where the others were led into the water and helped it out.... there were as many people as horses - but for the most part were not together. when I got the one out of the river, we left the main group and found a deep hole, filled with water that was very dark. One individual - I think the one I helped out of the river, had glasses on and was trying to see into the deep dark abyss and was being spit on to obscure his vision of what was inside. We cleaned off the glasses and he attempted to look into the hole again, only to have the "monster" spit on his glasses again.

the scene switched, to me writing a paper ( going to star a blog on my disjointed thoughts on sustainability - and started writing two days ago) and heading to class to turn it in. I reached the teacher, showed my three page paper that was only two and she wanted it reformatted but said it looked good. I stated yep the logical outcome of a completely socialistic society is pain as there is less for all to share/trade.she said no that there was more - and i woke.
Depends how you define socialism, which could determine whether there is pain or not - either big government socialism or local group socialism (communalism) living off the land. Readers of this website are probably familiar with Penny Kelly's book, Robes: A Book of Coming Changes, which provides a vision of communalism and sustainability.
Those deciding to live together and working to a common goal in sustainable agriculture seems like a righteous goal.

Though having worked my tail off for 15 years, trying to utilize regenerative agriculture, I can sure tell you that it is hard to find those with a common work ethic and desire to actually achieve the goal.

Venezuela is a good example of all that can go wrong. Listened to a many good things on my first real vacation in 5 years. Maybe the dream related to my return, where the one I hoped to be my right hand on the farm did next to nothing while I was gone - yet I work 10-14 hours and at a level most don't during our summer which has a 50 day frost free time - so one can nap in the winter.

I agree that we will have to come together and work to make things work in the very near future as the current paradigm is about to unravel. But trying to have socialism at the scale of the US is not probable. Health care, imo, is a great example of what would go wrong, without rewarding those who take care of themselves.
Jeanne Mayell is a wonderful psychic who has a lot to say about farming in the future. I think you would like to read about her visions as they are in line with what you are speaking about.