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Full Version: Shifting Timelines
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This was such a weird dream and I wish I could remember more details. I guess it doesn't help that I've waited a couple of days to put it in.

In this dream, I discovered that I was able to switch timelines. Something had happened that was just terrible, and I can't quite remember what it was but I was terribly distraught. I was told by someone or something (a disembodied voice) that I could switch timelines but it would require a huge amount of focus and I would have no control over what was changed or different in the timeline I switched to. Whatever had happened was bad enough for me to take a gamble, so I did as the voice told me which resulted in me just blacking out. When I came to, everything seemed the same at first until I noticed things that weren't in the last timeline. Whatever I wanted changed was different, but not in the way I wanted, and so I switched timelines again. So then, the main changes I wanted had been achieved... but there were other things I didn't like. I remember switching timelines a few times after that but things were never the way I wanted them to be in my mind. In the dream I remember thinking to myself that this was like an online game I've seen called "second life". I felt like I had more power but less control over things. It didn't take long for me to abuse this ability always thinking to myself "once I fix this or that, I will quit doing this". But there was always something that bothered me and no timeline was perfect. It was very frustrating... and I began to notice that the more I shifted timelines, the weirder things got. It seemed like in some timelines even the natural laws were different. Gravity, for example may be heavier or lighter. By the end of the dream, I felt like I was somewhere completely alien and wasn't sure what to do as I seemed to be gravitating away from my desired destination. I couldn't decide whether to keep trying or to stop before I found my way into someplace dangerous.
Were you lucid throughout this dream? Sounds cool!
I felt like I was, so I'm super upset I can't remember what it was I was trying to change. I usually remember lots of details. I know it was REALLY important, but then after I did the important thing, I got curious and selfish and went for perfection, then got caught up in all kinds of weirdness.

Lol, I guess I can't be trusted with that sort of power. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯