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Full Version: Big Wave on Campus
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I wish I could recall more of this dream. It feels like its RIGHT there, just out of reach.

What I remember is being near a large campus. There was some sort of new and special education going on in there and only a few people were able to attend. Rather than enroll, the students were invited. I had been invited and was walking alongside another student, a tall, older man. He seemed to know a lot more about the sort of thing that would be taught there and I felt like I was in dire need of direction because I had no idea what was going on or why I had been invited. I also felt like I didn't want to start this journey alone not knowing anything and like I would need a friend for support.  

We were taking our time getting to know one another and checking out our new surroundings. I really enjoyed talking to him because he felt very warm and knowledgeable. He was patient and inviting so it was easy to ask him questions without feeling dumb or judged. (I was a little sensitive because I felt like I should know what I was there for, but I didn't.) There were lots of other people who had not been invited hanging around outside admiring the large building on the hill we were going to enter. The building looked like one you would expect to find on a campus, except that the walls were mostly glass and held together by red brick. The building itself was on a hill that had stone steps leading up to the top. The man and I walked up the steps together and he seemed very concerned about me and my well being. I could feel him watch me make every step, but it wasn't in a weird, creepy way. I could feel his intentions were to catch me if I happened to slip and fall. I thought that was very sweet.

When we got to the top of the steps, we were both taken by surprise by a simple, but very lovely garden area. There were flowers of every color and they were all so very vibrant and they smelled SO GOOD! All of the flowers looked perfect and new and they were dusted with tiny dew droplets. I was already in love with this place. I thanked the man for watching out for me as I went up the steps and for his patience because I knew I was talking a lot and very unaware of what was going on. He just laughed and said "Well, we all start out at the bottom." I can't remember everything that was said, but he was very funny and seemed to get a kick out of me too. We were pleasantly talking when a sharp chill went up my spine. I suddenly felt a lot of emotional pain, grief and sadness and I could feel my eyes welling up with tears and the man got really worried and confused and grabbed my shoulder and asked what was wrong, so I turned and pointed behind us. There was a huge wave coming. A tsunami? The man and I ran towards the building as fast as we could, but it hit very suddenly and swallowed up everyone that had not gone up the steps and then a few more who were a little too close to the edge of the hill. I could feel the pain, shock and devastation of everyone around me. It felt really magnified and I got very ill and the man had to help me hobble into the building and shut me away from everyone else. I might have been embarrassed if I wasn't overwhelmingly pained and saddened.

The water stayed around the hill just under its level. None of us could leave, but it made whatever we were there for that much more important. After some time, classes started. There was word that the water level would go down, but just for a brief amount of time. There were things that we all needed from the outside world and we would have limited time to get them and bring them back before being swept away like the others. There was something I *thought* I needed, but I cant remember what that was... just that the man was trying to convince me that I didn't really HAVE to have it, but he was willing to go with me to get it if I insisted.
Elise, what a wonderful and descriptive writing of your dream. Thank you so much for sharing.
Are you empathic in real life as you were in the dream?
Thank you, Twiceblessed!

I am. I've only just started realizing that is normal and ok. For most of my life I couldn't understand why being around people would stir up random emotions and drain me. It's very confusing when you don't know what is going on, so I would tend to avoid going places where there would be lots of people and limit my social interactions, even online. I think that is also why I've been very attracted to people I thought "needed" me. I have a habit of sensing the hurt in people, even if I don't know what it is, and trying to repair it, often at my own expense.
Hey! Could art be part of the triangulation for the CIRF reports? I think we're on to something! What do both of you think?
(01-10-2019, 04:18 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey! Could art be part of the triangulation for the CIRF reports? I think we're on to something! What do both of you think?

It's really funny you should mention art... I've had an overwhelming desire to start drawing again after years of being rather apathetic. I just started drawing again today. I was making an auragraph. Lol!