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Full Version: Suicide Attempt at the Edge of the Earth
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I had so many dreams last night, but I only seem to remember the last. I was at a little house right at what everyone was calling "the edge of the earth". There was a woman there that I felt like I knew though I had never seen her before. She was taller and just slightly older than me, she was kinda lanky and had strait sandy-blonde hair to her shoulders with bangs. She had an average face and she seemed frozen in a constant state of apathy. I knew she was miserable and wanted to help her but knew that anything I would normally try wouldn't work on her. She had already made up her mind that anyone who tried to help her would not be genuine and I felt like if I tried to pry too much into it or offer any unsolicited advice, it would just make matters worse. So, I said nothing to her and just listened.

This house was not her house but someone elses. It wasn't fancy, but it was a nice, average home. I walked next to the woman as she talked and told me that she "got to clean and take care of" this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house". She was not being sarcastic, she seemed to actually be happy to do it in spite of things.

The house, I guess, was a special landmark because of it being right on the edge of the earth, and so I got the feeling that she had taken others on a tour of the house before. After taking me on a tour of the house, she took me outside through the back door. Just outside the door was a huge cliff. We both walked out to the edge and it was amazing. Both the above and below the cliff was just beautiful sky. It looked like a beautiful sunset with beautiful pinks, purples and oranges blending together with delicate, white fluffy clouds. You couldn't see any sign of land below this cliff, just sky and clouds.  It was breathtaking, but as we stood there, I could feel that she just felt sad. I told her how lucky I thought she was to get to see this every day and said "Look at how beautiful this is!". But after I said it, I felt that she took that in a way that had her believe that I didn't understand her or how she felt and wasn't genuine at all in what I said, I just knew what she was planning to do and wanted to stop her for my own peace of mind.

She walked to the very edge of the cliff. I had noticed that little slivers and chunks would easily break off and fall down when any amount of pressure was put on them, so when I saw her getting close, I knew what she was doing. She meant to end her life with it looking like an accident and without any sort of mess, because there was no bottom. I lunged after her and grabbed her hand as we fell a bit, and also managed to grab onto a chunk of rock on the side of the cliff. I begged her to climb back up because my fingers hurt and she was heavy and I wouldn't be able to hold on long before we both fell. my eyes were shut, but I felt her swing onto the top of the cliff and climb up before offering her hand to help me up as well. After dusting myself off, I looked at her again and she looked like a different person. She had a slight smile. It wasn't huge, but it was better than emptiness. Her eyes were wider and brighter... in fact, her whole face and body seemed brighter. She asked why I had done what I did, and I told her it was because I knew how she felt. She then got upset and started crying and she said that I could have died doing what I did, and I said I knew, but it was the only way she would learn that while there are a lot of people in the world who weren't genuine in their concern, there are also those who are. Then she asked what would have happened had I not grabbed the side of that cliff, though. I told her I guess we would have just died together and laughed a bit.

After that little exchange, we went back inside. She told me that while she had enjoyed housekeeping at the edge of the earth, it had become too much of a temptation with her depression, so she planned to move elsewhere. I was really happy and relieved to hear that and went to the front of the house with her to help her pack. The edge of the earth was beautiful... but it wasn't a place for people in a bad state of mind. Before we could finish packing and get outta there, there was a large group of people that came in. They looked mostly like high school students and models. I immediately felt uncomfortable with their presence. There was nothing I or this girl could do though, because the edge of the earth was open to any and everybody.

When all these people came in, they started splitting into groups of 2 or more with the intent to have sex. There was a woman there that seemed to be the ringleader. She had on a weird blouse that resembled something a circus ringleader would wear. It was mostly blue and white...  but even weirder were her bottoms that were like black leggings but thinner. I wish I would word it more gracefully, but uh... she had great big, open genitals... that even while covered up by these leggings, left nothing to the imagination...  

When this ringleader spotted the woman and I, she tried to pair us with some male models. I was horribly disgusted and told her that I didn't even KNOW these guys and that it was weird for her to just barge in and pair strangers up for sex. The other girl, however, didn't really fight it, she seemed more curious than anything. I told her I thought this was a bad idea, but that I couldn't and wouldn't stop her if that was her choice, and so she left into another room with a couple of the men. I wasn't sure what to do because I couldn't get out of the house now with crowds of people blocking all the exits, so I somehow managed to conjure up my boyfriend. When the ringleader woman saw what I had done, she tried to convince us to uh... partake of activities there with all of these strangers, but I told her I didn't do that sort of thing and that I wanted out. She then tried to sell me and him on the idea of doing *it* with me wrapped up in a mermaid tail blanket. While the idea was kinda sweet and cute, I was still just disgusted. I also got the feeling that she was being really suggestive to my boyfriend and felt uncomfortable with that and what she was wearing, so I grabbed his hand and we went to another room.

In that room a bunch of people were playing a racing video game. It made me think of the one in the movie "Wreck it Ralph", because it was bright and colorful and seemed like a kids game. I asked the people in the room for a way out, and they said they would let me out of the house if I beat them at the game. So my boyfriend and I grabbed a controller and started playing. As we played, we somehow were suddenly IN the game. But once in the game I knew that we wouldn't win or get out of the game by actually winning the race, there was more to it than that. Everyone else would be making loops trying to win for forever, but never win without these hidden things, so I went off the tracks and out of the car to search for the hidden things. I managed to find one hidden in the mountains. I had my boyfriend meet me there so he could collect it too, otherwise he'd be trapped racing forever. We had to find two more things, but I can't remember what they were or where we found them, just that we finally managed to get out of the game when I suddenly woke up.