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Full Version: Old Dreams
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This thread will be for sharing my old dreams and I will post them periodically. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

Old Dream no.1:

I was on a planet that seemed to resemble mars, orange dusty cracked ground, desolate, nothing around.

I begun slowly walking, feet crunching on the dry ground beneath my feet.

Then, suddenly, I begun to slowly and gracefully float up and forwards into the air.

This went on for a short while and I was just going with it, then again just as suddenly, my entire head begun beaming with light.

The sensations were absolutely beautiful as I kept floating upwards, my head in absolute bliss.

Then I approach a huge, skyscraper size, Egyptian mummy tomb. I enter the tomb and everything goes black.

I am in there for a while before bursting outward and when I am free, I have superhuman, god powers!

I can fly, manifest anything I want instantly and so on, it was great fun!

Then I woke up.

(Interesting side note, I had another dream after this when I went back to sleep and I was at a job in a supermarket, I hated it. But I did not care for the job as I had super powers, the dreams were linked!)

Approximately 12/05/16
Wow, that DOES sound fun! I take it that it wasn’t a lucid dream?
(01-16-2019, 07:52 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, that DOES sound fun! I take it that it wasn’t a lucid dream?

No, not this time. I have only had 3 lucid dreams, 2 when I was too young to really make use of the opportunity and 1 whereby I lost the lucidity after a short while. The 3rd was still interesting and I will write it up and will mention that it was a lucid dream.
A test of Love:

I was being tortured maliciously by evil people. They were relentless and I was subject to much pain.

Skip to the next scene and I am walking on a pathway next to a beach.

I encounter many of my close friends and family, I project love onto them and they would completely transform into something different of a positive nature.

Next, it was my challenge to project the same feeling of love onto the entities that had been torturing me beforehand, whilst I attempted to do this they were shouting insults towards me.

My progress was measured by ways of a heart shaped graph, after much effort I managed to fill half of the heart which became half full with shining rainbow colours.

Then I was in a train station with lots of unrecognisable people walking past, and suddenly, something begun pulling me through the floor!

Only about half of my body got pulled under the floor, when a woman from the crowd stopped walking and looked at me and said: "I was like you, I survived".

After this the entire scene disappeared and was replaced with a picture of a human head but it resembled something from an Alex Grey picture in appearance.

The feeling upon seeing this image was incredibly powerful. As I woke I had tears coming from my eyes the feeling was so strong.

Approximately 02/04/17

(Interesting side note, this was on the last night of a 10 day Vipassana course I attended.)