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Full Version: Aliens & such
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So begins the Full moon cycle, usually an interesting time for dreaming.

My dream this morning:

I was taken aboard an alien space ship and battled with them for a long time.

All the aliens were depicted as being from the film 'aliens' but some of them were intelligent and could talk. 

After a long battle I had gained their respect and trust.

The most intelligent of them begun to speak to me who was dressed in some form of a red suit, his demeanour was very suspicious and cunning. 

He was saying how I was going to launch a nuclear missile at earth.

The people of earth picked up on this and was aware of what was going to happen, I believe this thwarted the attack.

After this I was shown a scene whereby the shadow government was represented as the stone henge in England but was not the ruins that we see nowadays but the fully complete version.

Each section of stone was a representation of the shadow government compartments.

Incrementally, the circle got smaller and some of the stone sections begun disappearing, as the shadow government became more and more centralised. 

There was a problem that each section always kept secrets from the other and there was huge amounts of competition and distrust. The system itself was shown to be doomed to failure. 

Then in another scene, I was shown the U.S.A and how its monolithic military spending was going to collapse on itself. 

There was a little more that is a bit too hazy to remember, then I woke up.

Approximately 5am GMT+12 19/01/19
I wonder if the Pentagon keeps "losing" more blocks of about $7T, just like Rumsfeld announced on 9/10/01