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Full Version: Fire in the Sky
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I had a dream in 1999 which felt like a significant future event.  Since then I have searched books and the internet to see if anyone else has had a similar dream or vision.

In the dream, I am standing along a country road, surrounded by farms, somewhere in the Midwestern part of the U.S.  Looking westward, I see fiery clouds, a red glow, high up in the sky.  I sense that this is not good, and whatever this is, it is in the news.

When I woke up, I was most puzzled by where I was standing.  Why was I along a country road, in a rural area?  I have spent my entire adult life living in big cities, small cities and suburbs – no rural dwelling of any kind.

Flash forward, 2017:  My brother has just renovated an old farmhouse in central Illinois, adjacent to some investment farm property.  On her deathbed, my mother asked him to keep the property open, not to rent it, and to let me and another sister use it as a weekend getaway.  So while working in the garden at this farmhouse, I suddenly realize that I am standing along the country road in my dream! This part of the dream has now come true.

I have found others with similar visions and dreams.  Most notably on this website, Iris posted, “Enormous Explosion Causes Worldwide Markets to Fall” on 2-10-2015.  She was in the Chicago area and saw evidence of a massive explosion to the west, similar to my dream.

Recently, I read “Earth under Fire” by Paul LaViolette.  The cover of the book has artwork of fire in the sky, and it looks like what I saw in the dream.  As I read this book, I felt a keen sadness, which lifted when I finished the book.  To me, the sadness was a premonition that something similar to what he describes will occur.   He presents geological and astronomical evidence that “superwaves” from exploding stars have caused interstellar dust to enter our solar system in the past, leading to large solar flares, rapid melting of glaciers and extreme flooding events.   

What could cause the appearance of a fiery sky?  A coronal mass ejection from the sun (i.e. large solar flare) could hit the Earth on its leading or trailing edge as it circles the sun, causing an “explosion” to appear more in the East or the West, respectively.  As another possibility, a Yellowstone Supervolcano could cause a red glow in the West.  Like Iris, this feels more like a natural event rather than terrorism or war.
Thank you Maat! I too have seen what looks like flashes of fire and it comes from the sun or something beyond Earth. I'll have to look at up the book you mentioned, "Earth under Fire” by Paul LaViolette.
Its very interesting you mention this as not so long ago I came across the theory suggesting the sun periodically micronovas.