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Full Version: Oriental Military dream, 1.30.19
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Did not sleep well last night, woke up every 2 hours. Did remember a small amount of one dream I had. I am standing in the yard of a house in a neighborhood. I am a bystander watching the events, not living there.  

I hear/see the following:

- In the distance hear gun fire and explosions.  
- A small bomb explodes under the house across the street from where I am standing. Part of the house caves in. Two people run out of the house. Someone asks, is there anyone else in the house? The woman says, no it was just me and my son in the house. She asks, what is happening? A man says, I don't know why this is happening. The woman says, how can that be, I moved here to get away from the violence thinking I would be safe here.
- The house that was bombed is on a corner lot. On the road next to the house, I see troops of oriental men in black military uniforms. They are lined up 4 or 5 across so they fill the width of the street. There are multiple rows maybe 5+.
- I hear someone say, are we being invaded?
- I think, hummm yep I think you are.