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Full Version: Introduction
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Hello everyone
                          My name is Alan and I am a new member. I live in Tiverton Devon with my partner Jenny, I am originally from the north east of England. I am a carpenter, past retirement age but still working full time and enjoying it.  I am probably one of the finest examples of a technophobe  to be found anywhere. My knowledge  of computers could probably be summed up in a line from a popular song " the more I find out  the less I know"
In my life I have had several experiences which defy logic or explanation and I would like to share them with you, I did not know such a site existed and very pleased to have found it and happy to be here.
I am blessed with an excellent long term memory of events and detail, accordingly I can promise an accurate  and detailed recollection  of these past experiences, completely devoid of any embellishment whatsoever, all of them with several years between them. The first one occurred at the age of fourteen and the last one at age fifty seven, one involves a dream of events which occurred about three weeks later a similar one involved a dream like state of an event which occurred two days later, the others were not dream related but are no less interesting.
I am a complete stranger to anyone who may read my accounts of the things I have experienced. It therefore falls to me to vouch for my own honesty and integrity in relating my experiences and I do so unreservedly and with a very clear conscience as I am first and foremost a very honest man
Welcome, Alan! I'll write more after the game. Dreams are with us throughout the day and not just at nighttime. Post whatever you'd like to share!