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Full Version: Poisonous Gas; Fear; China
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I am in a car driving in and around a city. It feels like an Eastern USA coastal city. (Briefly I think of Wilmington, NC.)  I see Downtown buildings, some tall but not super tall.  Then as I drive I am wearing a gas mask and I see other people also wearing gas masks as they move about the town.  Now there is a sense of fear.  I can see the poisonous gas like a low fog moving around and floating on the air.  Now I am driving back to my hotel so I can get my things and leave.  Somehow I know the gas is from China, that the Chinese government is responsible.  Now I know I have to leave to get to China.  I go to end of the land.  Then I start to walk on the back dirt 'path'. (This part of dream is mainly black and white.) It is very straight, it is built up above ground above the water, narrow and becomes more narrow to a point, dangerous.  Then the ridge of dirt becomes wider, but still narrow.  At one point as I am walking, a dog comes up near me, brushes against my hand and 3 or so Asian people, maybe a family, a man and woman; child walk up beside me.  They are lower on the ground.  They 'see' this direction, this ridge leads to China and that is where they want to go.// end.
Notes and thoughts:  The dirt path and ridge in this dream make me think of the build-up of new land that China has been developing on reef islands in the South China Sea for several years now.  This is worrisome to USA and to the countries in the area that also claim some territory in that part of the world.  China feels that most or all belongs to them. China also seems to be militarizing these artificial islands. In my dream it may be that one of the other countries in that area 
that is more aligned with the US, such as the Philippines is the subject of the dream.   Other countries making claims are Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.//
The ridge may represent the island bridges that are forming in some places. / Why walk toward China if they are responsible for gassing another country?
If China were to get angry enough with one of their neighbors over this new territory and were to make some sort of attack, America might step in.  Also I worry that America is so preoccupied with White House drama that other powerful countries would feel this is a good time to undermine the US.
Update and some thoughts:  I have been watching for several weeks now, about 16 weeks according to the news media. the trouble and chaos in Hong Kong.  It is referred to as the 2019 Hong Kong anti extradition Bill protests.  The protests have exposed a huge gulf between Hong Kong and mainland China.  The protests have drawn huge numbers of activists who have taken to the streets and marched in defiance of what they consider wrong and unjust. The protests have turned violent with much tear gas and rubber bullets being used against the people. Some observers feel that the police brutality is helping to keep the protests ongoing.  It has been called the worst crisis in Hong Kong since the handover in 1997.  The Bill will be formally withdrawn by the Chinese government in October as a result of all the actions.  In one of the protests over 210,000 people created the 'Hong Kong Way", a human chain 50 kilometers long stretching across both sides of the Hong Kong Harbor and to the top of Lion Rock, according to news outlets.   
When I see these pictures and videos of the conflicts between the police and the activists with all of the fog of tear gas and the people wearing gas masks it does make me think of this dream that I posted earlier.  The tear gas definitely came from China.  Also the unusual narrow pathway in my dream led to China.  Also the unusual 'human chain'  that formed such a long path in reality is interesting.
Some additional thoughts on this original post. (I still feel the above post with additional thoughts is valid .)  But  for the past several days now when I watch the news and hear about the Wuhan coronavirus I find myself going back to this dream.  Partly this is because of all the masks that are being worn by everyone in China and the surrounding areas. Even in America and other countries people have rushed to buy and store respiratory or surgical masks just in case. In my dream I do remember how prevalent the masks were.  Of course it is not unusual to see people in China wearing gas masks occasionally. But nothing like on this scale.  People are waiting in lines for hours there to purchase surgical masks.  In my dream there is a poisonous gas that begins in China and the corona virus started in the Chinese city of Wuhan.  Also I couldn't figure out the meaning of the dog coming up to me and brushing against my hand. I now think this could be a reference to the animal to human transfer of this virus.  Now there is also human to human transfer.  I also feel that my dream was referring a lot to borders, where the land ends.  The world has been trying to contain the virus within the boundary of China as much as possible, though not completely successful.  As of today there are 5 cases in Canada.  427 people have died in China and 2 outside of China. There are 20,000 infected globally. In my dream I talk about the fear that is felt.  I feel there is a great deal of fear in China and around the world caused by this uncontained coronavirus. 
An interesting follow up to my original posting. I do think at this point my dream is connected to this coronavirus that is already affecting many countries of the world and only shows signs of spreading and causing problems on a massive scale. I do believe we receive dreams that contain information that foretells and warns of events to come.  Unfortunately we do not always see completely or understand fully.  Watching the news tonight I learned that a pet dog of a patient in Hong Kong has tested positive for this COVID-19 virus.  The dog has been placed in quarantine and is the only animal in the facility.  The dog's nasal and oral samples tested "weak positive" for the virus.  In my dream the dog with the Asian family brushed his head up to my hand.  Also the respiratory masks are being used everywhere now.  Also on the news when they show workers in China, Japan and Hong Kong cleaning and disinfecting rooms they are using what look like small hand held cannons.  These 'cannons' spray out a strong gas like spray or mist.  In this case the 'gas' is a positive thing.  We need to hope and pray and work to find solutions to this virus.  It not only can kill people but it could be devastating to the world economy and will affect peoples' day to day lives in many negative ways.
A guy I work with received a text today that the first corona virus case was found in the school district where his daughter lives in North Carolina. They are asking all individuals with any sign of any infection to stay home. Bear in mind that they have not delivered accurate tests to any state, let alone North Carolina. They have no idea how many people might have gotten an infection.

Odd that I looked at this website today and saw this post.
There are now over 270 cases of Covid-19 in North Carolina and unfortunately that number will keep growing.  There are currently 7 cases in the Wilmington area ( reference my original posting.)  A lot has occurred since my last follow up three weeks ago.  One thing of interest is that President Donald Trump referred to this coronavirus as the "Chinese" virus which did get him some angry feed back.  But it did originate in Wuhan, China.  Also the number of cases in China has gone way down, or at least it  has leveled out.  I find this interesting and disturbing. Interesting because in my dream the Asian family wanted to get to China even though the poisonous gas had begun there. Why would you want to go back into the danger?  I had this on my mind the other night when I went to sleep.  I dreamed a detailed "conspiracy" theory that  China developed the virus on purpose.  They already had a cure or vaccine.  They had to let some of their own people die and get sick to make it look authentic. Then they released the virus on the world.  This is part of a plan to show their world domination.  Though it appears to me that it is hurting the economy of the whole planet.  We'll see!  (I did eat a lot of dark chocolate late in the evening.)
Another great thread. The virus meme is changing fast, but I think David Wilcock seems to have the best overview of what's going on and what to expect