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Full Version: Hillary Hires a Convict with Convictions
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15 Feb 2019
I am in a prison, weary of the same routine, day in and day out.
One day, a guard takes me from my cell.
"You have an important visitor," he says, and I am taken into the Warden's office.
Hillary Clinton is sitting at the Warden's desk, in a grey pants-suit. She lays a .45 cal military pistol on the desk and says, "I've arranged to have you released." She throws a jacket at me. "In return, I need a favor. When we get outside the prison, you will get into the second car. My driver will tell you what to do next."
Wearily, I take the jacket and put the pistol in the pocket. I walk meekly with Ms. Clinton straight outside the prison. She gets into the first car, and drives away. I get into the second car.
The driver says, "Are you ready?"
"Not quite," I say getting out of the car again. "Stay right here, I will only be a minute."
I walk back into the prison, up to the desk at reception. The guard raises an eyebrow.
"I'm checking back in," I tell him. Then I lay the pistol on his desk, and walk back towards my cell.

Lots of unfortunate interactions with the powerful in my dreams lately. I'm sure the real HRC would never do such a thing in real life--But I notice that dream HRC did not ask me if I would do her favor; She just told me and assumed I would comply. May it always be true that we have the power to choose to do right, or at least to choose not to do evil, even if the decision is costly.
Amen Ablelba!