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Full Version: Water and more water
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I was vacationing to a strange castle on the edge of the Grand Canyon. All family members with me in the castle. I was far away from them when I got the news (I have no idea how I got "the news.") Immediately, the rain is going to rise up the canyon and flood this whole area. I looked down and said, "there's no way." Well, within seconds, the rain started and the water began to rise very fast. Suddenly the castle was under water and rising. Based on the speed, I knew I wouldn't have time to go find everyone in the castle. The water was already at my window and rising. I jumped out into the water. I stayed afloat and let the water float me to the island up ahead. I grabbed the rock and hoisted myself up. I ran to the peak which wasn't too far away. Water stopped rising. I looked out over my new island habitat. End.

Next dream, I was on a slippery slide at an amusement park. The water track was pretty steep but also fairly deep water, which technically is impossible. But anyway, I went down the slide and I complained it had weird twists and turns and wasn't all that smooth. END.

Couple hours later, I awoke by the lightening and extremely heavy rain storm. My daughter commented, "Wow I thought the rain was going to destroy the house!" I said, "I know." I had not looked at the weather in days, so I had no idea the rain was coming in real life. Of course, perhaps my subconscious heard the storm approaching and that's where the water dreams came from. The heavy heavy downpour came shortly after I awoke.