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Full Version: Obama has wind aura
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I dreamt of being in a classroom-like setting.  Another young woman was there.  We were eating Russian pecans - both plain and coated.  Then we heard that Obama was coming.  He was going to visit our political science class.  He arrived with no security detail - a very cool guy!  I shook his hand and said, "Mr. President, it is great to meet you".  He just looked at me.  By shaking his hand, I became aware of his energy and energy field.  There was wind in his field.  He had a lot of wind in his aura.   I saw a group of students gather around him.  He did not stay long.  Next, I was wandering around the building, and saw Obama tending a large popcorn popper. 

The scene shifted to my current workplace.  I was eating a hot dog on a bun, and went looking for more food.  I saw our office manager also eating a hot dog on a bun.  In the next room from where she was eating, a small room for office supplies, I saw two small Russian birds kept in the room.  They were almost out of food.  I let one fly around, and then returned it to the office supply room. 

Next, a brief scene of a father loading his young daughter in the back of a truck.  The back door to the truck was a prison-like gate.  The Russian birds were inside the truck. 

I googled "wind aura".  Very interesting!  Wind in the aura is protective, making you harder to hit.  A wind aura is sometimes described as a battle aura.  It can also be a "superpower".