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Full Version: Seeing Ritual
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I had this dream several weeks ago. It was certainly one of the most interesting I've had in some time, but I wasn't able to put it in right away due to my keyboard dying right after. Then after buying a whole new keyboard, it seemed like every other electrical device in my house died. I've always had THE worst luck with electronics, but its somehow been 1000% worse the past couple of months or so...


In the beginning of this dream, I was in a house. It was MY house, but one I've never seen before. The re-occurring blind guru was there chatting with me again, but I can't remember what about. I also cannot remember if they were a man or woman this time... all I remember is that they were blind. We were laughing and I think I was making corny jokes. In the middle of our conversation I could just barely make out a sort of dark, transparent thing go by the corner of my eye and the blind person asked what was wrong. I rubbed my eyes and told them it was nothing. From time to time I see little things but it was probably just a shadow or something. Maybe my eyes playing tricks on me. They nodded and asked about me "seeing things". I told them that I used to see things a lot when I was little, but eventually grew out of it. They told me that I didn't grow out of it, I made the choice not to see it anymore. I was a bit offended when they said that and a little angry because I certainly didn't remember CHOOSING anything like that. Before I could say anything, they asked "Well, why wouldn't you choose not to see it."

I can't remember all that was said, but we talked a bit more about it and I bounced between feelings as we talked. Eventually they asked me if I had it all to do all over again, would I want my "sight" back or not. I told them I would now that I am older and could probably better cope with what I saw. After I said that, the blind person reached into the cloak they were wearing and pulled out a list then handed it to me. I looked over the list and all that was on there was a bunch of random stuff that made no kind of sense. There were some bees wax candles that had to be a certain size, shape, color and smell. Some random figurines. A toy car... things like that. After reading the list, I looked up and asked them what all this stuff was for. They said it was for the "seeing ritual", then explained to me that they were going to help me open up my eyes again. And I said "with all this crap?" and they said "Yes, you need ALL this crap." and I just kinda laughed and went to find all the random stuff.

The guru went with me to help direct me to all the stuff. Some of it was easier to find than other stuff. Some of it was found at local stores. The guru would tell me that random people I've never met had some things and so I had to knock on their doors and be very embarrassed to ask if they had certain things and if they would sell them to me. I had to go into a graveyard crypt for the toy car and that was so creepy to me... I had to make the candles myself... but EVENTUALLY, with the help of the guru, I gathered up all the things and brought them into my home. There was a left room, the middle room that had the front door and a right room... we took all the things into the left room. We set up a little table and put all the stuff on it and lit the candles and I asked what next. They closed the door to the room and said all I had to do was open the door and walk through it. Really?! Somehow I thought they would say some magic words or do some sort of crazy ritual... say a prayer, you know... do SOMETHING to magically give me the weird vision. I told them that and they said there was no magic. All I had to do was walk through the door. I was pretty skeptical and asked why they had me gather all the stuff like we were building up to some weird ritual just to tell me to walk through the door. I guess walking through the door WAS the ritual? Couldn't I have walked through the door without getting all the stuff? They laughed and told me to just walk through the door. So, I took a deep breath opened the door and walked through it. I didn't feel any different at first, but when I looked back behind me, I could see some of the craziest stuff I'd ever seen in my life. There were just all sorts of weird colored beasts and apparitions floating around. The one that frightened me the most was such a weird color I can't even explain it. I mean, how do you describe a color? I don't know.. but they were really dark colored and they floated around watching everything with great, big wide eyes. They didn't move particularly fast and out of all the things I could suddenly see, Im not sure why they frightened me the most. After seeing all the stuff and people in the room I was in, I dashed into the right room.

The guru followed me in and asked jokingly what was wrong. I was so upset and was like, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT IS WRONG!?" And they told me to calm down and handed me a piece of paper and some crayons. They said that all of those things couldn't touch me in this one tiny space in this room, but that I couldn't stay there forever so I needed to learn how to protect myself. Confused, I said "ok. They told me to take that piece of paper close my eyes and meditate while I drew something on it. Anything that would protect me. So I took the paper and I drew a yellowish bent cone on it. I wasn't sure what it was I was drawing. A bent beam of light? Some sort of fang? At any rate, that was what I drew, and about that time the weird black things and other strange creatures started floating right through the door of the room... I wanted out because I was feeling cornered, so I grabbed the paper off of the desk and walked towards the things, and they moved out of the way making a path for me to walk through them.

I left that room and went to the middle room again where I talked to the guru for a while. I didn't understand how such simple things like coloring or walking through a door could work and felt like I needed to know HOW and WHY they worked. I can't remember how they worded it exactly, but they explained it sort of like this to me: that the power to do AMAZING stuff is in everybody, but they don't know it and we don't REALLY need rituals. There is no magic. We all know how to do things but we choose not to develop these skills and we forget, like I forgot. The whole point of little rituals people believe in is to sort of "jump start" their own abilities to do things, in my case to see stuff. But the jump starting rituals won't work or jump start anything without some sort of work or sacrifice significant enough to trick the brain of the person into believing they are suddenly worthy of receiving whatever it is they are after. It has to convince them that they are somehow suddenly and magically worthy or capable. Since everyone is different and has different beliefs, interests, gifts, ect... they all have to find a special and unique ritual for themselves. Luckily, the guru knew just what would work for me.

That was a lot to wrap my head around in the dream... the guru and I talked for just a bit more before I decided I wanted to go out of the house and see how differently things looked. I grabbed myself a pencil and small pocket sized sketch pad before heading back to the front door, but I woke up just as I opened it.